• Bodhi Mary Hunter

90 Seconds with Angela Fabian [The Voice 2020]

As featured on Channel 9's The Voice, season 9, 2020... check it out online here people's....

For Angela, life begins at 50. Growing up in America, she migrated to Australia 15 years ago after falling in love with an Australian and the country. Stepping off the plane she immediately felt that she was home. She met her husband when she was singing in a jazz club in China, but prior to that she got her grounding singing in church and with her family. After high school, she joined an all–girl group and toured all over America and spent some time singing for US troops overseas. Recently she went back to school to study music (and learned to play the piano) but struggled being an older student. She's auditioning for The Voice to show her kids that you can do anything you want, despite fear and your age.

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